Joannes' 5 CSR wishes

1. We strive to contribute socially

2. We want everything to resonate with its origin

3. We cherish nature

4. We grow together

5. We enoy working

Our current strenghts

We set great store in everything being right: healthy entrepreneurship, social employership, giving to others and nature, and investing in working and living with a smile. All our ideals are based on creating the ideal environment for developing together.

Our wish for the future

We enjoy working towards optimum yields by putting down roots and actively nurturing strong hotel concepts and cultivating sustainable development cooperations so staff, contacts, the (natural) environment and the Joannes Bosco Stichting* can flower to the best of their ability.

*The proceeds of our business operations benefit the Joannes Bosco Stichting for the development of youth self-reliance in Brabant.